About MGP

An IRON will!

Founded in 1980, as the result of an iron will, MGP assumes nowadays a clear position in the Portuguese metallurgical sector.

Proved experience
For over 30 years in the business, and basing its activity on the accuracy of production, professionalism of the staff, product quality, MGP is synonymous of experience and know-how in the production of structures, roofing, cladding, mezzanines, stairways and gates.


In our structure we have equipment suitable to the needs of various types of works.

GUILLOTINE: width 3000 thickness to 10mm | SCREW-PRESS: 100 ton | PRESS: 100 ton | PRESS: 30 ton | DRAW OUT BITS ENGINE | BANDSAW: 600mm x 400mm | WELDING STATIONS | BORING ENGINES

THE IRON Raw material

Discovered thousands of years ago, and known by the chemical symbol Fe, iron is - in its raw state - a simple rock that contains a high concentration of iron.

Although simple in its origin, iron marked a period of history to which it gave the name: Iron Age.

For its endurance, applicability and low price, iron is currently the most used metal in the world and the raw material of choice at MGP - Metalúrgica Gaspar & Pereira, Lda.


Metalúrgica Gaspar & Pereira, Lda.


Rua do Boução, 89
Lantemil - 4785-624 Trofa
Portugal, EU


P. (+351) 252 414 113


  • Architecture and Construction
  • Welded Constructions
  • Cut, Punching and Stamping
  • Assembly Sets


  • Architecture and Construction
  • Platforms
  • Manhole Covers